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Open, honest, personal stories about overcoming mental illness from the people who know it best—doctors, nurses, therapists & other health professionals

Self Disclosure features moving, inspiring stories about what it takes to overcome mental illness.

These are intimate, personal stories from the people who know the subject best.

“Interviews highlighting that suicidal ideation affects many people and does not mean the person would eventually die from suicide … appear to be effective in reducing suicidal ideation.”

— Journal of Clinic Psychiatry

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Hosted By

Owen Muir, MD
Medical Director of Brooklyn Minds

  • Child and adult psychiatrist
  • Successfully lives with bipolar disorder, thanks to helping professionals, loved ones & transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Published & lectures internationally on self disclosure and how suicide prevention
  • His super power — getting people to open up about things they’ve never talked about

On August 4th, 2013, I walked myself into a psychiatric hospital, but unlike the work day before, it was to check myself in. As a patient.

After I recovered, I decided I could not keep my experience a secret. And something remarkable started happening.

As I came out about my mental health, more and more coworkers & colleagues started coming out to me about their own struggles.

Self Disclosure is a new show about struggle and finding the path to heal ourselves. Because talking about it really helps.

Stories from People Like…

Buck Angel — the first trans porn star, who overcame his depression to become an international advocate for transgender health care.

Alison Ferdinando — a young woman living with borderline personality disorder, creating a life worth living by tring to end the stigma of the disorder.

Ali Hougnou — From the NYU Child Study Center. She discusses her journey from serious anorexia nervosa to raising millions of dollars to help others.

Lara J. Cox, MD, MS. — a psychiatrist and former board member for the American Psychiatric Association, Lara overcame her own depression and thoughts of suicide.

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